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    Thumbs up How to Clear/Flush DNS cache in Windows / Linux / Mac Machines

    A DNS server resolves domain names into IP addresses. So when you request “” for example, the DNS server finds out the address for the domain, and sends your request the right way.

    DNS Cache Problem
    If you continually get DNS errors while trying to brows any site, but the same site on another computer on the same network is working fine. Then this problem is because of the DNS cache of the machine and you need to reload your DNS cache on that machine.

    Following is the process to Clear/flush DNS cache in Windows / Linux / Mac Machines

    To Clear/flush DNS cache in Microsoft Windows.
    Start >> Run >> type cmd
    In command prompt, type
    C:\> ipconfig /flushdns


    In command prompt, type
    C:\> net stop dnscache
    C:\> net start dnscache

    Once you run the command your Window DNS cache will Clear/flush.

    To Clear/flush the DNS cache in Linux, you need to restart the nscd daemon.
    You need login into the shell of your machine and type
    root@support [~]# cd /etc/rc.d/init.d
    root@support [/etc/rc.d/init.d]# ./nscd restart

    Once you run the command your linux DNS cache will Clear/flush.

    To Clear/flush the DNS cache in Mac OS.
    In your terminal, type
    For Tiger Mac
    $ lookupd -flushcache
    For Leopard Mac
    $ dscacheutil -flushcache

    Once you run the command your DNS cache (in Mac OS) will Clear/flush.

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    There is a problem with this when runing the command on Vista. I finally found the answer myself today after months of frustration.

    If you go Start/ Programmes/ Accessories and find the command prompt icon. Hover the mouse over and right click, then select run as administrator. You can also make a desktop shortcut and right click / run as administrator from there.

    If you don't run the command as administrator you receive the following error:

    The requested operation requires elevation.


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    That is one of the good reasons I hate Vista Read further here :

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    The same thing happens in Windows 7, you can simply click the start menu and type cmd to search for the command prompt, right click and and choose to run as administrator also - don't have to search through the various sub menus.

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